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We are a father and daughter team, Duncan and Cheri. We generally only review products or services we have either used or have considered ourselves so we are familiar with the products and services and we have already taken the time to explore the best options available.

About Duncan

I have been in online business for over 20 years and have run many online companies and websites, so I particularly like to review products in the electronics & tech, web and business sectors. But I also love reviewing products around my main hobbies and interests which include motorbikes and travel & adventure.

About Cheri

I work in digital marketing and content writing. I love music, cats, travel, wildlife, camping, the outdoors, nature, photography, videography, tech, gadgets, and playing guitar, so most of my reviews and product comparisons will be within these areas.

All of our reviews are honest and unbiased and based on our own opinions from personal experience

We hope you find our reviews and website informative.

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